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About The Company

With over thirty years as the undeniable experts in product knowledge and digital marketing tools for dealerships, Advanta-STAR is the premier automotive information company in America.  Serving both automotive manufacturers and dealerships, Advanta-STAR provides the information necessary that helps your customers make an informed purchase decision, trains and informs your staff regarding competitive models and drives successful SEO and other marketing campaigns. To learn more watch the video below:

The premier automative information
company in america

Using dozens more sources than other automotive information providers, Advanta-STAR has an audited accuracy rate of 99.978% versus an industry average on only 96%.

Advanta-STAR is the premier automotive information company because:

  •  Updates are done continually in real-time
  •  Vehicles are examined first-hand
  •  Third-Party Information is sourced from dozens of trusted automotive periodicals

Advanta-STAR’s continual updates in real time provide information that can be trusted. Other companies only update their data semi-annually. Utilizing dozens of trusted sources, Advanta-STAR is the only company of its kind, and the only general automotive information source which examines the vehicles first-hand.