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API Dashboard

In early 2019, Advanta-STAR Automotive Research and Dealer InSite came together to solve the problem of easily creating Model focus pages that were unique in content, style and organically searchable for their clients.

The Advanta-InSite API Dashboard is a unique tool developed by combining the best of Advanta-STAR’s model information, research, and Dealer InSite’s responsive web platform. The result is an easy way to create model specific content pages with just a few clicks. This important tool avoids one of the major problems with many dealership websites. Potential customers expect the ability to get model specific information on car dealer websites

Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time to create content to match the inventory for each and every vehicle. The temptation is to just copy and paste content, but that leads to two major problems. First, customers are quick to recognize that this is the same content they have seen elsewhere, which may drive them to seek new content away from your site. Second, the search engines frown on duplicate content, making it unlikely any of your dealer pages will show up in online search results when customers search for cars they are interested in.

The Advanta-InSite API Dashboard works by pulling in vehicle data from Advanta-STAR. Using this data, it is easy to create a customized web page with specific content, in any order you like. The two main types of pages are comparison pages, in which you choose two cars to compare, and then choose which attributes to compare and in which order. 

The other type of page is a super brochure, which is like the compare page, except you choose just one car and then choose which features to include on each specific model page. Using the dashboard is a quick and easy way to ensure complete, unique content is available for each model in your inventory.