Advanta-STAR AI

Inventory-Based Marketing Automation for Dealers

Advanta-STAR AI Features & Benefits

SkyRocket Your Dealer's ROI With the power of AI

How does it work?

The latest AI technology available dynamically adjusts creative and ad spend based on real-time data.

Extremely fast onboarding. Create ads and go live in 72 hours!

100% visibility and attribution at the VIN-level, available in a simple dashboard for your viewing.

Want to have hands-on control? Or do you want to relax while we handle the work and reporting? It’s your call.

Our platform quickly creates dynamic ads that include information like make, model, year, photos, and price for every car on your lot.

Only push ads to active shoppers ready to buy in the next 15 days.

Advanta-STAR AI Social

  • Inventory-based social ads delivered to active in-market shoppers
  • Dynamically adjusts ad creative, spend, and delivery using proprietary algorithms to make the most impact possible with each impression served
  • Social ads are delivered to our first-party audience built from people actively shopping cars in the last 15 days. This ensures you are investing your dollars into qualified buyers.
  • You can see the impact on your business instantly in Advanta-STAR AI with real-time performance metrics, exposing attribution to the VIN level as well as real time market share and sales goal pacing.


At the push of a button create and deliver VIN-specific ads to active car buyer’s on their favorite streaming platforms and TV. Using our AI technology you can provide high quality ads with no big budget production.

  1. Live Inventory Integration
    The platform integrates live inventory to create, target, and deliver VIN-specific ads seamlessly.
  2. Speed to market
    Get up and running in less than 48 hours.
  3. No Production Costs
    Eliminate the high cost of production with our proprietary technology that uses AI to build individual commercials for each VIN, complete with professional-sounding voiceovers and integrated OEM brand standards.
  4. Active Shoppers
    We target active auto buyers who are in market to purchase the vehicles you have on your lot right now, in the next 14 days.
  5. Accountability
    Provides what no one else can—VIN-level attribution for video.

Advanta-STAR AI Display

  1. Precise Targeting
    Display ads are targeted to our proprietary audience matching dealer inventory to shopper activity across the web with display ads through Advanta-STAR AI.
  2. Dynamic Creative
    Creative is dynamically updated to show your current inventory, so no stale ads are delivered.
  3. Accountable Results
    Transparent reporting is always available in the Advanta-STAR AI platform next to your other marketing solutions along with key dealership performance and health indicators.