Advanta-STAR Internet Comparison System

Get Back to Basics with ASICS (Advanta-STAR Internet Comparison System)! This automotive research and online marketing tool for car dealerships delivers a better interactive sales experience for your customers and salespeople, with better overall results!

Advanta-STAR Internet web links put our unique competitive comparisons in front of millions of web browsing prospects that stay on your site and are never directed elsewhere.
Internet and BDC Managers will find it easy to e-mail professional responses to inquiring prospects. Sales managers and sales people can access our data from their desktops, smart phones and smart pads to share with customers in the dealership.

Advanta-STAR offers four systems that can be framed-in or opened in a separate window:

Classic Link – embedded in your website where customers can begin their research for a new or pre-owned vehicle. This is the simplest way to get our automotive research embedded into your car dealership’s website.

Model-Specific Link – integrated with your vehicle management system (VMS) and embedded on the search results page (SRP) or vehicle description page (VDP) of each new or pre-owned vehicle in your inventory.

Advanced Research Link – provides all the data we collect on your vehicles, without the head-to-head comparisons. This detailed content designed is for customers only interested in your product (requires a New Car Comparison subscription).

API Link – our raw data format allows you to create your own distinct content pages from this web-enabled and mobile-based application. Designed to work with the Advanta-STAR API Dashboard, this is an incredible online marketing tool for car dealerships.

Our staff examines vehicles first-hand to ensure the accuracy of our vehicle comparison tool.

Advanta-STAR’s New and Pre-Owned Car Comparisons are not static publications, as we continually provide updates, in real time.

New Car Comparisons includes current Model Year data and any updates, along with any early New Car introductions for the next Model Year.

Pre-Owned Car Comparisons includes current Model Year data, and our information goes all the way back to 2001, providing data for virtually any Pre-Owned vehicle in your inventory. Advanta-STAR’s deep research and vehicle comparison tools allow users to compare new and used cars without leaving your dealership or website.

These in-depth reports are a great tool for your sales people to use with customers that are shopping your product against your top competitors. Allowing customers to compare new and used cars with our research will not only build credibility and trust with your dealership but will also give them reasons to buy from you instead of somewhere else.