Advanta-STAR is the industry-leading content producer, providing unbeatable research from more sources than any other to your website and customers. Our vehicle research works with other digital marketing and sales tools to supercharge your dealership sales! 

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Get Back to Basics with ASICS! Advanta-STAR Internet Comparison System. This sales tool for dealerships delivers a better interactive sales experience for your customers and salespeople, with better overall results for your dealership!

New and Pre-owned Car Comparisons

Unique information for you to share with your customers at the point of sale. Comprehensive vehicle research focusing on the merits of your dealership's product vs. the competition. Great for customers that are shopping you against the competition.

Advanced vehicle Research Reports

Provides all of the data we collect on the selected vehicle. Reports average 12-15 pages of detailed content. More information for you to share with your customers. Great for customers that are only interested in your product.


We are the Content Kings. With Advanta-STAR, you can easily generate unique website content that will supercharge your SEO, leapfrog the competition in Google rankings and engage your customers until they’re ready to buy!


Advanta-STAR’s digital marketing and sales tools for dealerships can increase your organic SEO. By using the rich content from our under-utilized comparison data, your messaging will resonate over your competition. Features, benefits and advantages will provide a tremendous opportunity for indexing.

Watch Reports

Web Analysis on Traffic and Competitive Hits. Use this information to drive your marketing, balance your inventory and build effectiveness of your sales training versus competitive vehicles in your area.


Print out scannable QR codes to place on your inventory to allow your customers to see comparisons on mobile devices. Great for off site vehicle marketing, or after business hours shoppers at your dealership.


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With over thirty years as the undeniable experts in product knowledge and digital marketing tools for dealerships, Advanta-STAR is the premier automotive information company in America.  Serving both automotive manufacturers and dealerships, Advanta-STAR provides the information necessary that helps your customers make an informed purchase decision, trains and informs your staff regarding competitive models and drives successful SEO and other marketing campaigns.

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